What are the benefits of having trees?

The National Tree Benefit Calculator is a great tool to better understand the benefits trees provide.

There are many benefits to having trees and caring for their health.

  • Trees positively affect the health of a city’s residents.
  • Trees create feelings of relaxation in addition to providing privacy and a sense of security.
  • Property values of homes landscaped with trees are higher than those of non-landscaped homes.
  • Trees can reduce heating and cooling costs, thereby reducing our dependence on coal and natural gas.
  • Trees improve our air quality by reducing carbon dioxide, dust, and other potentially harmful gasses.  
  • Trees create an impression of the character of our city, and make it a more livable and friendly place to be.  People walk and jog more on streets with trees, and residents have shady, cooler places to play or relax in the summer which increases interaction with neighbors.
  • Trees provide habitat and food for birds and other animals.
  • By reducing surface runoff of water from storms, trees decrease soil erosion and sedimentation of streams.

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