February 20, 2020

7:30 P.M.


                                                           350 Dover Center Road

           1)  Approval of Minutes                                  February 6, 2020


           2) BDG Management                                       The applicant is requesting two variances

               Alison Sammon                                           per C.O. 1153.03-(minimum side yards) and

               28008 Lincoln Road                                    1359.01-(air conditioning equipment, installation requirements) to encroach upon the required 20’ side yard setback 1.5’ in order to construct an addition and to relocate the AC condenser within 5’ of the property line.  

              3) Jeffery Barker                                            The applicant is requesting a variance

                  27238 Lake Road                                        per C.O. 1163.05-(Fence Regulations) to install a 4’ fence where a 3’4” fence is allowed.

           4) Adjournment

Variance requests are subject to change pending a review by the Building Director.  You may call 24 hours in advance of the meeting to confirm the above information (899-3406). A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum to do business, but any decision made by the Board on matters before it upon which it is required to pass under the provisions of the Zoning Code shall require a majority vote of all members appointed to and serving on the Board.  All members voting shall be present at the meeting when such decision is made.  If all members are not present, the applicant may request a delay so that all members may be present.  An applicant may delay a decision up to two times.  Subsequently, action may be taken by the Board, regardless of all members being present, as long as there is a quorum.