Oak Wilt

Oak trees should only be pruned between October 1 and March 15 to prevent the spread of oak wilt.

Oak wilt is not a new problem, but it increasingly threatens not only Bay Village but all communities with oak trees. Oak wilt is a deadly fungal disease that typically is spread by insects from spring through summer, but can also be spread underground by grafting of roots with other oak trees. 

While there are some preventative treatments on the market, there is currently no cure once infected. It is important that when pruning and maintaining oak trees to make sure you are aware of the pruning window to best minimize the threat and exposure of oak wilt to your tree, which is from October 1 to March 15 (fall, winter and early spring).  For more details, please see check out the bulletin on Oak Wilt prepared by the Ohio State University Extension office.

A qualified contractor that staffs an ISA certified arborist will be able to guide and schedule appropriate maintenance procedures for your oak. For a list of registered tree care professionals, please contact the Building Department. To find a certified arborist, check out the ISA’s Arborist Finder and search by location.

Please note when using the ISA Arborist Finder that Mike Polinski and Pat Scott will show at the top of the list when using the Bay Village zip code.  These individuals are employees of the City of Bay Village and are not for hire to address private property concerns.