Columbia Gas Line Replacement

Columbia Gas is preparing for two projects in Bay Village to replace aging gas lines with newer, state-of-the-art plastic pipe. A map of the affected areas is below.

After installation, Columbia Gas will return to complete restoration work.

Project 1

Includes sections of Eaton Way, Juneway Drive, Columbia Road, Columbia Court, Osborn Road, Lake Forest Drive, and Wolf Road. Crews will install approximately 7,900 feet of new pipe, serving 140 customers. 

Additional information from Columbia Gas for Columbia Road (PDF)

Replacement Area Map

Gas Line Replacement Map (larger size)

Project 2

Is in the area roughly bounded by Lake Road, Winston Drive, Bradley Road, and Saddler Road. Crews will be installing approximately 5,500 feet of new pipe, serving 115 customers. 

Work on both projects should begin in the first quarter of 2022. Columbia Gas and its contractor, Miller Pipeline, will first install the new main line and then proceed to service lines for individual homes. Some gas meters may be relocated as well. 

The new plastic pipe has several benefits, including enhanced safety features and the ability to bend to the earth’s contour while expanding and contracting with shifting temperatures. Once installed, the modernized system will last longer and reduce the amount of future maintenance required for upkeep. 

There is no additional cost to customers and Columbia Gas will restore all impacted property. Work on each project is expected to last about three to four months.   

Additional information from Columbia Gas for Webster & Bradley (PDF)

Replacement Area Map

Gas Line Replacement Map (larger size)

Columbia Gas Line Replacement Map