Community Composting

Rust Belt Riders

Bay Village hosts two Rust Belt Riders composting drop off locations: on the west side at Bradley Road Park behind Bay Lodge, and on the east side at Reese Park in the south parking lot.

Rust Belt Riders is a subscription service that composts food scraps, including items like meat and dairy products, that can't be composted at home.

Participation in the drop off program requires you to sign up on the Rust Belt Riders Drop Off page. Members are asked to pay $10 per month for unlimited access. At signup, members receive a 4-digit code in their welcome email that can be used to open the padlocks securing the lid of the collection container.

The Rust Belt Riders collection bins are adjacent to the trash corral in the northeast corner of the Bay Lodge parking lot that is west of/behind Bay Lodge, and in the southeast corner of the Reese Park parking lot. The bins will be available 24/7/365 for collection.

The Rust Belt Riders website provides more information about the drop off service, how to subscribe, and other services they provide.  The Rust Belt Riders FAQ page answers more general questions, and the Better Bin database shows what can and can't be composted through the service.

Additional questions can be directed to Rust Belt Riders by email or by phone at 216-800-4651.

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Home Composting

If you are interested in composting at home, the links below provide useful information. 

Cuyahoga Recycles: Composting and Yard Waste

USEPA: Composting at Home

City ordinance on residential compost piles:

1344.04 - Basic standards for residential and commercial building occupancy, Section 10.