Good Neighbor Volunteer

The Good Neighbor volunteer program is a new Community Services program anchored by the unique strength of community we enjoy here in Bay Village. Simply put, if a neighbor needed help, the vast majority of residents would pitch in and help that neighbor, if they were aware of that need. This program was created to make the connection between a resident needing help and a neighbor willing to give it.

Typically, help is requested because a resident is elderly and can no longer perform the activity themselves, or due to a temporary set-back such as illness or financial strain. The most frequent requests for assistance include:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Light landscaping (weeding, trimming, leaf raking, etc.)
  • Outside home maintenance
  • Garbage can duty: put out and take in for neighbor

 If you would like to become one of Bay Village’s Good Neighbor volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Application Form online. For more information, contact Leslie Selig at (440) 899-3409, or