Walker Road Park Basin Improvements

This project will make improvements to the existing retention basin by increasing the stormwater storage and management capacity so the basin can handle rainfall rates up to 100-year storm event rates.  The basin currently has capacity for up to 50-year storm event rainfall. The project will focus on improving three areas of the basin in order to prevent flooding.

Area 1:  Overflow spillway

This area is being enhanced to provide relief in the event that the primary outlet structure from the basin to the south of Walker Road Park becomes obstructed.  This will allow stormwater to flow into the park basin before overtopping and spilling into the rear yards to the east of the project. That basin and others are part of the entire stormwater network as originally designed.

Area 2:  Berm Enhancements

This area is being enhanced by adding additional soil to the existing berm to fill areas that are currently too low.  This will allow the basin to contain and manage the new stormwater capacity it has been designed for.

Area 3:  Increased Wet Weather Storage

This area is being enhanced to provide the additionally needed stormwater storage to manage rainfall events and intensities up to and equivalent to a 100-year storm rating.  During dry weather periods, this area will remain dry.  This area will be seeded to create additional turf space.

Walk Road Park Basin Schematic Plan (PDF)