Lock Box Program

The Lock Box Program provides peace of mind to Bay Village residents and their families by ensuring at-risk residents are able to receive emergency help more easily. A lock box allows City emergency personnel quicker access to the home without breaking down doors or windows.

Lock Box Details

  • The lock box is placed in an inconspicuous location by the front door and is installed by the Fire Department.
  • Only Police and Fire Department officers have access to the lock box.
  • Lock boxes are for emergency use only.  They are used only during an emergency call to the home when no one is able to answer the door.
  • The lock box is tamper resistant.


A lock box is provided free of charge to residents in the Community Care Monitor program.   Residents who are not in that program but who have a medical condition which may require immediate medical assistance may obtain a lock box for a $25 installation fee.


Complete the Residential Lockbox Information Form (PDF) or contact the Bay Village Fire Department at 440-871-1214 for more information.