The City of Bay Village has an Urban Forestry Manager and two full time City Arborists responsible for assessing and maintaining trees on city property, including "street trees" on residential tree lawns. 

The Tree Commission works with city staff to preserve, fortify, and improve our urban forest.

Tree Care Guidance

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service has compiled an excellent Tree Owner's Manual (PDF) with useful information on: 

  • Tree selection
  • Installation / planting
  • Care and maintenance, including watering, mulching, and pruning
  • Common problems
  • Removal

The Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District provides information on in Northeast Ohio through their Cuyahoga ReLeaf program.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has extensive information on urban forestry, and the International Society of Arborists has comprehensive tree owner information as well.

Tree Inventory

In 2019, Bay Village contracted with Bartlett Tree Experts to do an inventory and visual assessment of city trees. This project was completed with financial assistance from the Cuyahoga County Healthy Urban Tree Canopy Program. The assessment (PDF) will help the City prepare a maintenance and planting schedule for the more than 3,000 city trees. You can view the ArborScope interactive tree inventory map online.