Citizen of the Year

Since 1976, the Community Council has awarded the annual designation of Citizen of the Year. Nominations are accepted from community members on behalf of Bay Village residents that have provided significant community service without monetary reward. Nominations are due in January. 

Nomination Forms

Forms are available online (access the Citizen of the Year Nomination Form (PDF)), at the Westlake Bay Village Observer website, Bay Village City Hall and the Bay Village Library.

2022 Citizen of the Year

The current award-holder for Citizen of the Year is Patrick McGannon!

Learn more about Pat McGannon

Past Citizen of the Year Honorees

  • Nancy Trainer
  • Richard Gash
  • Evelyn Allen
  • Ned Beach
  • John Brant
  • Kelsey Brax
  • Patricia Bremer
  • Ervin Christen
  • Dwight Clark
  • Ursula Cohrs
  • Leslie Croyle
  • Robert Davis
  • Doug Dieken
  • Anton "Tony" Dostal
  • Marguerite Drake
  • Eric & Cynthia Eakin
  • Pamela Ebert
  • Cathy Flament
  • Doyle Garrett
  • Doris Gorgas
  • Marilyn Groff
  • Barb Harrell
  • Jeff Hartz
  • John & Dolores Hartz
  • Margaret Hill
  • Lawrence Kuh
  • Mary Ann Lyons
  • Lois Maus
  • Maxine McQuate
  • Louella Meyer
  • Mary Ellen Meyers
  • Maria Parks
  • Tom Phillips
  • Jim Potter
  • Rhonda Schneider
  • Ellen Screwvala
  • George Serb
  • Andrea Sheppa
  • John Solomon
  • Janet Sondles
  • Mabel Throgmartin
  • Helena Walsh
  • Peter Winzig
  • Janet Zvara