Stop the Bleed Program

Through a cooperative partnership with University Hospitals-Saint John Medical Center and the Bay Village Fire Department, Bay Village City School District officials are being trained in a program called "Stop the Bleed." This training prepares participants in the use of special dressings and tourniquets to assist in a bleeding emergency before paramedics arrive.

University Hospitals Donations & Training

University Hospitals-Saint John Medical Center donated 250 Stop the Bleed buckets and trauma kits; enough for every building classroom, school bus, and vehicle. Valued at more than $25,000, these buckets and trauma kits contain the tools necessary to help control bleeding in an emergency, and include such items as protective gloves, bandages, gauze, and tourniquets.

Personnel from the University Hospitals Emergency Medical Services (UH EMS) Training and Disaster Preparedness Institute have been working alongside members of the Bay Village Fire Department to train school employees.

Bay Village Stop the Bleed

Pictured amid the donated Stop the Bleed trauma kits are (from left to right):

  • Stop the Bleed at Bay Village Middle SchoolUH EMS Institute Stop the Bleed Instructors Ken Hehnan, Nate Gardner, and Jake Nakel
  • St. John Medical Center Manager of Community Outreach Paul Forthofer
  • Bay Village Fire Chief Chris Lyons
  • Bay Village Mayor Paul Koomar
  • St. John Medical Center President Robert David
  • Bay Village Schools Superintendent Jodie Hausman
  • Bay High School Principal Jason Martin
  • Bay Middle School Principal Aaron Ereditario
  • Bay Village Police Chief Mark Spaetzel

(Photo credit: Bay Village Fire Department Captain Dave Stump)

Program History & Information

Developed after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Connecticut, the Stop the Bleed program equips and empowers trained bystanders to take life-saving action in an emergency.  You can learn more about the program at the Stop the Bleed website.