Natural Gas Aggregation Program

The Bay Village natural gas aggregation program provides residents with consistent natural gas pricing. Bay Village voters first approved the "opt-out" natural gas program in May, 2015. The program is available to all residents and small businesses in the city. 

To see if you are already in the aggregation program, check a recent gas bill. 

  • If your bill says "NextEra," you are in the city aggregation program with NOPEC, the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council. 
  • If your bill says "Standard Choice Offer" your Supplier is Columbia Gas.
  • If your gas bill says "Customer Choice Offer" and lists another company's name (but not NOPEC/NextEra), your Supplier is the other company.

The city's agreement with the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council or NOPEC will expire on June 30, 2023.

As of July 1, 2023, Direct Energy Services, LLC will be the new Supplier for Bay Village aggregation, providing a consistent rate of $0.585 per Ccf for three years.

Columbia Gas of Ohio will continue to deliver the natural gas to your home or business, manage meters, repair pipes, and send gas bills. Autopay and budget billing will not be affected.

Postcard notice from Columbia Gas

You may receive a postcard from Columbia Gas that your natural gas service through NOPEC/NextEra is ending as of June 1, and that you will be switched to the Standard Choice Offer. This is due to the timing of the aggregation contract start and end dates and the meter-read dates. If you were with the NOPEC/NextEra aggregation program, you will automatically be added to the Direct Energy aggregation program when it starts with no interruption to your service or billing.

Automatic Enrollment & Opting Out

If your current Supplier is NOPEC/NextEra or Columbia Gas through their Standard Choice Offer (SCO), you will automatically be enrolled in the Direct Energy aggregation program. No action is necessary to participate. Direct Energy will send you opt-out information, and you can opt out at any time without penalty.

If your current Supplier is a third party other than NOPEC/NextEra, your gas bill will say "Customer Choice Officer" and list the Supplier company's name. If you want to join the Direct Energy aggregation program:

  • Contact the Supplier to see if they charge a termination fee, and when the fee expires.
  • Terminate your agreement with the Supplier; if there is a termination fee, you can wait until it expires.
  • Contact Direct Energy after June 12 and tell them you want to opt in to the Bay Village aggregation program.

If you don't want to participate in the aggregation program, you can opt out and buy directly from Columbia Gas or find a different Supplier.


Contact Kathryn Kerber by email or call 440-899-3412.