Gas & Electric Aggregation Programs

Electricity and natural gas bills each have two parts, Utility Distribution charges and Supplier charges. The Utility sends the monthly bills, maintains the lines, and distributes the electricity or natural gas to your home or business. The Supplier sends the electricity or natural gas to the Utility for distribution.

For Bay Village, the electric Utility is First Energy/The Illuminating Company, and the natural gas Utility is Columbia Gas. The Supplier can vary by household. Your Supplier may be FirstEnergy/The Illuminating Company for electricity, or it may be another "third party" Supplier. For natural gas, your Supplier may be Columbia Gas or it may be a third party Supplier.

Bay Village has negotiated agreements with third party Suppliers to provide electricity and natural gas to Bay Village residents at set rates. The city is able to get a better rate by negotiating for all city residents together, which is called "aggregating."

Bay Village is an "opt out" community, which means residents are automatically in the aggregation program and get the aggregation rate unless they opt out. To find out if you are in the aggregation programs, and how to opt in or opt out, have a copy of your latest electricity and natural gas bills nearby and check the links below.

Electric Aggregation

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Natural Gas Aggregation

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