Fire Prevention & Safety

Our Fire Prevention and Safety goal is to provide you with the most current information to ensure and promote your safety. In addition to information, we offer several programs that are designed to make the City of Bay Village as safe as possible by using the expertise, technology, and resources uniquely available to us.

Fire & Life Safety Inspections

Code enforcement is the enforcement of all local, state, and national safety codes that relate to life safety. The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for code enforcement of all existing structures except for residential facilities. All commercial, industrial, and public buildings are subject to fire inspections, as well as multiple occupancies such as hotels, motels, apartments, and care facilities. There are several different types of inspection programs that are overseen by the Fire Prevention Bureau.

In-Company Familiarization Tours

On-duty fire crews conduct these tours on commercial, industrial, and public buildings. These company tours have a primary and important goal: they allow the fire crews to become familiar with the occupancy’s layout and business owner(s).  These tours may also reduce the chances of any loss of life or property; if our in-duty personnel notice any major fire or life safety hazards during an in-company tour, they will alert the business owner or manager.

Automatic Fire Suppression System Inspections

Fire suppression inspections are monitored by the Bay Village Fire Prevention Bureau. Every occupancy that has an Automatic Fire Suppression System is required to inspect the system and fill out an inspection sheet every six months. If the system is due for its five-year test, a licensed contractor is required to complete the test.

New Construction or Occupancy

The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for conducting the inspection of new businesses and all construction projects. Once this is accomplished, it is then assigned to an inspector and inspected on an annual basis.

Fire Inspectors conduct inspections and document any violations on a "Hazard Warning Notice." Depending upon the severity of the violations of the code, a re-inspection date is scheduled. The goal is that all violations are corrected "forthwith." If an owner/occupant refuses to correct the violations, a local or state citation will be issued to the owner/occupant. The case will then be forwarded to the prosecutor for legal action.

Helpful Resources

The Fire Prevention Bureau can be reached by calling 440-899-3408 or 440-871-3691. The fax number is 440-871-3787.