Law Department

The Law Department consists of the Law Director, the City Prosecutor and the legal assistant. The Law Director is appointed by the Mayor with the consent of City Council. The Law Director appoints the City Prosecutor.

The Law Department prepares and/or oversees legislation presented to City Council. The Law Director provides legal advice and opinions to the Mayor, City Administration, City Boards and Commissions, and City Council. The Law Department, through the City Prosecutor, prosecutes criminal cases involving violation of ordinances or statutes committed within the City. The Law Director represents the City in all matters, including in court or in front of administrative bodies; oversees outside counsel where required in certain matters; drafts, reviews and approves legal documents of many types; drafts, reviews and approves City contracts; monitors new developments in the law; and performs such other duties provided by ordinance or statute or otherwise that may be required consistent with the office.

Due to legal constraints, the Law Department staff is unable to provide legal advice to residents concerning private legal disputes or any other private matters, such as property disputes or eviction proceedings.

  1. Mark Barbour

    Law Director

  2. Gary A. Hotz


  3. Julie Trsinar

    Assistant to Law Director