Frequently Asked Questions

Can I park on the street overnight?

Per City Ordinance 351.15, no vehicles can be parked in the street for longer than 30 minutes between the hours of 2:30am and 5am.  If you need to leave a vehicle parked in the street during this time, please call the Bay Village Police Department (440-871-1234) to request permission.

Do I need a license for my bicycle?

The mandatory bike registration has been replaced by an optional, free, bike registration, available at both the Village Bicycle Cooperative and at the Bay Village Police Station.  The city's bike registration, which Bay residents are encouraged to use, helps the police department find the owners of recovered bicycles.  You will need the serial number, which, on most bicycles, is stamped into the metal on the underside of the frame, between the pedals.


Does the City of Bay Village have a curfew?

The following curfews are in effect:

Minors:  15 years old and younger - 11 PM to 5 AM

              16 & 17 years old:  1 AM to 5 AM

Parks:  Columbia Road Beach closes at dusk; all other parks close at 11 PM

Does the City of Bay Village have any parking restrictions?

  • No parking on any city street between the hours of 2:30 AM and 5 AM
  • No parking on any city street for more than 6 hours
  • Effective 12/6/12 the fine for parking on the street between the hours of 2:30 a.m. - 5:00 a.m. has increased to $25 if paid within 72 hrs., $40 after 72 hrs.

Call the Bay Village Police Department at (440)871-1234 if you need temporary overnight parking permission.

How can I pay a parking ticket?

Payment of parking tickets can be made by inserting payment into the violation envelope, signing the "Appearance, Plea of Guilty & Waiver" section, sealing, placing proper postage and dropping in the mail.  Payment can also be made by paying in person at the Bay Village Police Department, 28000 Wolf Road.  Payment may be cash or check.  To avoid a penalty, payment must be made within 72 hours of the offense. 

Effective 12/6/12 the fine for parking in a Handicap Zone is $100.

How do I get a copy of a police report?

Public records can be obtained by contacting Chris Ross, Bay Village Police Records Office at (440)899-3466 or by e-mail at:  cross@cityofbayvillage.com

I need to get my fingerprints taken for a record check.  Does the Police Department do this?

The Bay Village Police Department no longer completes fingerprint cards for Bay Village residents requiring fingerprint record checks for employment, securities, adoption, etc.  There are a variety of private companies in the westshore area that provide this service for a fee.  Click here to view a listing of several of them. You may contact the Police Department at (440) 871-1234 if you are having difficulty locating a service. 

Who is the City Prosecutor and how do I get in contact with him?

 Gary A. Hotz, Prosecutor                 (440)892-1199            Ghotzatty@aol.com

How do I schedule use of the Police Department Community Room?

BVPD Community Room

Contact Kristine Jones, Secretary to the Chief of Police, at the Police Station at (440)899-3413. The Community Room is available for Bay Village Civic groups and organizations.

 My car was towed.  What do I do now?

All police tows are done by Patton's Towing - 29700 Lorain Rd., North Olmsted. 440-777-4070

You will need a release form from the Bay Village Police before Patton's will let you have your vehicle.

How late can I play music, mow my lawn, etc?

The City of Bay Village Noise Ordinance prohibits excessive noise (such as dogs barking, lawn mowing, loud music) before 8 AM and after 9 PM.  Snow removal equipment, during snowfall, is exempt.

Is solicitation permitted in Bay Village?

Solicitors are required to apply for permits issued through the Bay Village Police Department.  Non-profit organizations are exempt.  Solicitation hours are 9 AM to 8 PM, or sunset, whichever is earlier, Monday through Saturday. No soliciting on Sunday or any legal state or federal holiday.  Solicitation permits must be dropped off in person to the Bay Village Police Department.  The cost is $25.00, for renewal $15.00. We have free stickers that you can post on your property that state:  NO PEDDLERS, SOLICITORS OR CANVASSERS ALLOWED. Click here to download an image of the sticker you can print out.

No soliciting is permitted at homes on the "Do Not Knock" registry. The registry list is updated every two weeks and posted on the web site. It is the responsibility of the Solicitor/Peddler to have a current printed list with them when out soliciting. Click here for more information

Does the City of Bay Village support an emergency response team?

The City of Bay Village participates in the Westshore COG C.E.R.T. Team.

Where can I dispose of old /unused prescriptions?

The Police Department, in cooperation with the Westshore Enforcement Bureau (WEB), is proud to announce that we have installed a prescription drug drop box at the Police Station, 28000 Wolf Rd.

Bay Village residents can bring their solid prescription medicines to the lobby of the Bay Village Police Department, where the box is located, at any time. No information is required of the person dropping off the medicine. The police department cannot accept needles or liquids, but all other forms of prescription medications can be accepted. The department asks that labels on the bottles be removed or names of persons on the labels be marked out. If you have any questions, please contact the Bay Village Police Department at (440) 871-1234.

Where can I dispose of an American flag?

Flags may be dropped off at the American Legion Post 211, 31972 Walker Rd., in Avon Lake. There is an old mail box outside marked for flag disposal. The Americal Legion takes care of the proper disposal. American Legion or VFW members may also accept the flags and dispose of them.

Bay Village Post 385, 695 Cahoon Rd, Westlake also collects flags for disposal.  They are just over the border on Cahoon Rd, and this location may be more convenient for some residents.  There is a red, white, and blue collection box attached to the wall beside the door.