Bay Village Division of Fire

Our Mission Statement

The Bay Village Division of Fire is dedicated to the protection of lives and property  through excellence in safety, training and education, emergency management,  fire prevention and suppression, and emergency medical services.

Fire Truck in action

The raison d'être of the Bay Village Fire Division is to provide the most efficient and professional response possible to serve the needs of our city, state, and nation. This means preventing, protecting from, responding to, and recovering from both terrorist attacks and catastrophic natural disasters.  In pursuit of this mission, the Bay Village Fire Department maintains an unwavering commitment to safety, training and education, emergency management, fire prevention and suppression, and emergency medical services.  All 27 members of the department are state certified firefighters and paramedics.  In addition, the department participates in regional specialized services such as hazardous materials response, high-angle rope rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, surface ice rescue, and basic water rescue.

For our senior citizens, we provide and install residential lock boxes for emergency access, smoke detector installation and battery replacement, and the Community Care Monitor which automatically checks on their welfare each day. For the community at large, we also provide free CPR instruction on the third Wednesday of each month. Call the Fire Station at the non-emergency number (440) 871-1214 to sign up.  Please note this class is offered as an informational class only, no certification is available. We collect aluminum cans for burned children all year. We present numerous tours to school and community groups and conduct home safety inspections for families hoping to adopt children.

In addition to in-house daily training and education for our own personnel, we provide prevention and safety training to all city employees in CPR, AED, and fire extinguisher use.