Skate & Bike Park

skatepark collage

 The Bay Skate & Bike Park was collaborative effort between the Bay Skate & Bike Park Foundation and the City of Bay Village to give local skateboarders, scooter enthusiasts and bikers their own place to practice and show off their skills.

To learn more about the Bay Skate & Bike Park visit the Bay Skate & Bike Park Foundation website.

Physical Address:

451 Cahoon Road

Bay Village, OH 44140


Monday-Saturday, dusk to dawn

Note:  The Skate and Bike Park will be closed from 10:00-11:00am for Bay Recreation Programming on the following dates- June 15-19, July 13-17, and August 3-7.

This park is made for skateboarders, BMX bike riders, in-line skaters, and scooters.

Participate at your own risk.


1. Helmets mandatory for users 12 years of age & younger.

2. Safety equipment, such as pads, is strongly recommended.

3. No pegs on the pool coping.

4. Respectful behavior/language is expected at all times.

5. The use of alcohol & tobacco are prohibited.

6. Remove all debris that may prevent a smooth, safe ride.

7. Dispose of trash & recycables in the provided bins.

8. Graffiti, tagging, stickers, vandalism & destruction of public property prohibited.

9. Use only city provided park stunts/features.

10. Keep alert to other users, stay in control, & wait your turn.

11. All city ordinances & park rules are enforced.