Memberships & Fees

AQUATIC CENTER PHONE #: 440-871-1872 (seasonal line only)

RECREATION DEPT. #: 440-871-6755

Residents of Bay Village can purchase a season pass or pay a daily admission fee at the pool front desk.  Residents may bring guests but they must pay a guest daily admission fee and be accompanied by a resident while onsite.  Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Refunds will not be given out for inclement weather.


Must provide proof of residency on or before your first visit to the pool.

2 forms required(one from each list below):

1 from this list: Driver's License or School ID

1 from this list: Current Utility Bill or School Report Card

Please contact us if you have any questions, documents can be presented in-person at the Rec. Dept. or Pool Front Desk once the pool is open OR you can scan documents to our email at bayrecoffice@cityofbayvillage.com


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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the online registration!


Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm @ Recreation Dept.

Once pool opens you can purchase at the pool front desk


400 Bryson Lane

*Sorry, cannot process via phone, if you mail or drop in our drop box please attached two forms of proof of residency



Youth ages 2-5  $46
Student ages 6-18  $68
Adult ages 19-59  $81
Senior (60+)  $46
Family of 2 $140
Family of 3 $173
Family of 4 $215
Family of 5 $246
Family of 6 $278
Family of 7 $309
Family of 8+ $340
Babysitter  $86

AFTER 4/18/2019 add $10


Youth (ages 2-5) $3
Student (ages 6-18) $4
Adult (ages 19-59) $5
Senior (60+) $3
*Guests $7
*must be accompanied by Bay Village resident

Membership Information:

To ensure a safe and convenient environment, the BVFAC uses a photo ID pass system.

Resident: Must maintain legal residence in the City of Bay Village. Please bring indentification and 1 form of proof of residency when purchasing your membership (utility bill, rental agreement or school report card).  When renewing we also require current proof of residency.

Family: Up to 2 adults residing at the same address; their children of whom they are legal guardians who are under 18 or still in high school at the time of purchase.  No more than 2 adults may be on the family plan.

Couple: Must be two adults that reside at the same home.

Children: Please note that children up to 24 months (age as of 5/30/18) will be charged a membership fee for daily admission fee.  Children 8 years and younger cannot come to the pool alone, they must be accompanied by individual 14 years or older.

Babysitter: Non-resident sitters can only use their pass when watching their employer's children.  Non-resident children who have a resident babysitter can only come to the pool when accompanied by the resident babysitter.

Guests: Must be accompanied by a resident at all times; Daily Guest Fee is $7/person.

Replacement Fobs/Cards: if lost there is a $2/card replacement fee.