Memberships & Fees

AQUATIC CENTER PHONE #: 440-871-1872 (seasonal line only)

RECREATION DEPT. #: 440-871-6755

Residents of Bay Village can purchase a season pass or pay a daily admission fee at the pool front desk.  Residents may bring guests but they must pay a guest daily admission fee and be accompanied by a resident while onsite.  Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Refunds will not be given out for inclement weather.


Must provide proof of residency on or before your first visit to the pool.

2 forms required(one from each list below):

1 from this list: Driver's License or School ID

1 from this list: Current Utility Bill or School Report Card

Please contact us if you have any questions, documents can be presented in-person at the Rec. Dept. or Pool Front Desk once the pool is open OR you can scan documents to our email at bayrecoffice@cityofbayvillage.com


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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the online registration!


Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm @ Recreation Dept.

Once pool opens you can purchase at the pool front desk


400 Bryson Lane

*Sorry, cannot process via phone, if you mail or drop in our drop box please attached two forms of proof of residency


Individual Memberships:   

                              Early Bird Rate      After 4/17/20

o Youth (2-5)                   $46                     $56

o Student (6-18)              $68                     $78           

o Adult (18-59)                $81                     $91

o Senior (60+)                  $46                     $56

o Babysitter                     $86                     $96


Family Memberships:   

                          Early Bird Rate      After 4/17/20

o Family of 2               $140                   $150

o Family of 3               $173                   $183

o Family of 4               $215                   $225

o Family of 5               $246                   $256

o Family of 6               $278                   $288

o Family of 7               $309                   $319

o Family of 8+             $340                   $350



Youth (Ages 2-5)          $3

Student (Ages 6-18)     $4

Adult (Ages 19-59)       $5

Senior (Ages 60+)        $3

Guests*                          $7

*must be accompanied by a Bay Village Resident

To ensure a safe and convenient environment, the BVFAC uses a photo ID pass system.Membership Information:

Resident: Must maintain legal residence in the City of Bay Village. Please bring indentification and 1 form of proof of residency when purchasing your membership (utility bill, rental agreement or school report card).  When renewing we also require current proof of residency.

Family: Up to 2 adults residing at the same address; their children of whom they are legal guardians who are under 18 or still in high school at the time of purchase.  No more than 2 adults may be on the family plan.

Couple: Must be two adults that reside at the same home.

Children:Please note that chilldren 24 months or older (age as of 5/30/20) will be charged a membership fee or daily admission fee.  Children 10 years and younger cannot come to the pool alone, they must be accompanied by individual 14 years or older. Must be 11 years old to come to the pool alone.

Babysitter: Non-resident sitters can only use their pass when watching their employer's children.  Non-resident children who have a resident babysitter can only come to the pool when accompanied by the resident babysitter.

Guests: Must be accompanied by a resident at all times; Daily Guest Fee is $7/person.

Replacement Fobs/Cards: if lost there is a $2/card replacement fee.