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Engineering RFQ's


The City of Bay Village requests professional design firms or design professionals interested in providing professional design services for design and/or surveying projects where the total fee for such service is less than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) to submit a Request For Qualification (RFQ) response pursuant to Ohio Revised Code §153.65-73. Professional design services refer to services within the scope of practice of a design professional or design firm including services of an architect or landscape architect registered under Chapter 4703 of the Ohio Revised Code or a professional engineer or surveyor registered under Chapter 4733 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Qualification statements will be accepted at any time from any professional design firm or design professional. The City of Bay Village will send out an annual request to update qualification statements that are on file; however, it is the design firm's/design professional's obligation to keep the qualifications current by providing annual RFQ updates or to submit an annual statement that nothing has changed from the prior version currently on file with the City of Bay Village.

RFQ statements should include the following information: design firm's/design professional's history; resumes of key personnel including professional registrations; list of client references and representative municipal projects including a brief description and relative size of each project; proof of professional liability insurance; and contact information for a person knowledgeable and able to provide a reference related to the previous representative work.

Upon receipt, the City of Bay Village will acknowledge receipt of and evaluate each RFQ statement for inclusion on the prequalified list kept by the City of Bay Village. RFQ statements shall be no more than 40 pages; electronic responses in PDF format are preferred.


 Email or send to:

Curtis Krakowski, Infrastructure Manager

City of Bay Village

350 Dover Center Road, Bay Village, Ohio 44140

Email: ckrakowski@cityofbayvillage.com

Phone: 440 899-3422 FAX: 440 871-5751