Stay in Bay - Public Meeting

January 23, 2020

Stay in Bay - Public Meeting

Thursday, January 23rd at 7 pm at the Dwyer Center

The City of Bay Village is launching an overlay zoning project that will affect the retail and commercial districts. 

The city is working with Jason Russell of Concord Consultants to help put this together; he is a professional planner who has worked with the City of Lakewood, served as a councilman for the City of South Euclid, and is currently with developer RMS managing the Van Aken District in Shaker Heights.

Russell treated the Planning Commission to an interactive presentation, introducing the project on November 20, 2019. The city will be holding two Public Input Meetings at the Dwyer Center on Tuesday, December 10th and on Thursday, January 23rd. Both meetings start at 7:00 pm. The public is also invited to attend the work sessions at Planning Commission meetings on Wednesday January 8 & 15 at 7:30 pm.  

The zoning project, called Stay in Bay, is about building vibrant commercial districts that reflect the existing character of Bay Village. Updating the building guidelines for the commercial districts will encourage more retail, additional housing options and new community gathering spaces that exist in harmony with our residential neighborhoods.

This effort will further implement many of the goals established by the community in the Bay Village Master Plan adopted in 2017.

"Stay in Bay" is a city-sponsored, community-led endeavor to determine what the residents envision for the long-term development in the city's commercial spaces.

The process will focus on three main commercial, retail, and office areas: Wolf and Dover Center (the Bay Square area), Dover Center at Oviatt (the Dover Junction area), and Clague Parkway.

The goal of this process is the creation of a "zoning overlay" which is a set of building regulations that apply to commercial (including retail and office) areas to provide current and future commercial property owners with a clear understanding of our collective vision.

The zoning overlay will include guidelines for building design and placement to create a sense of place that complements the existing character of Bay Village.

The opportunity for new types of housing in the overlay area will give residents additional options when downsizing or looking for lower maintenance alternatives.

Another goal is to promote walking and biking in and around the commercial areas to make them more family-friendly and increase the vitality of the city center.

After the Public and Planning Commission meetings, zoning overlay recommendations will be reviewed for adoption by City Council. Use of the zoning overlay regulations would require a citywide vote of Bay Village residents. 

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