Bay Days

July 3, 2019  -  July 6, 2019

2019 Bay Days Schedule

Bay Days Parking

Due to the wet spring, vehicle parking will not be permitted on the grass in Cahoon Park during Bay Days. Additionally, rides and attractions are being moved south of the Community House to the parking area surrounding the Rose Garden and RTA stop.  

Cahoon Park closure

Beginning July 2nd at 3pm through July 7th at 6am, Cahoon Road will be closed for Bay Days.  Access to Bay Days in Cahoon Park is available from Wolf Road.

Lake Road closure

Signage will be in place on Lake at Bassett indicating Lake Road is open to Huntington Beach but closed east of Porter Creek, with local access to the walking trail only.  Access to the walking trail parking lot will be maintained except for between noon on July 4th and 5am on July 5th when it will be closed for the fireworks. 

Bay Days Parking

Handicap parking and limited general parking is available within Cahoon Park adjacent to Bay Days festivities.  The parking lot at the southwest corner of Cahoon and Harvey Yoder parkway has been designated for handicap parking. Those who wish to drop off others for the festivities will be able to enter Cahoon from Wolf, drop off and exit back to Wolf. We suggest you walk or ride your bike to Bay Days this year whenever possible. This will be especially true on July 4th for the fireworks. For those driving, please consider utilizing one of the available designated public parking areas noted on the attached map.  

Signs will be posted around the Bay Days area directing guests to available public parking areas. We expect those areas to fill quickly.

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Bay Days Parking Map 2019

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