Some resident services are provided by outside companies. If you experience a problem with these utilities, please contact the provider directly for the best response.


Call Before You Dig

Ohio 811 / OUPS:                                    811 or 800-362-2764



Illuminating Company:                            888-544-4877

Outage Information

For home or street light outages, contact the Illuminating Company/First Energy directly.  The city Service Department cannot provide faster restoration.


Natural Gas

Columbia Gas:                                          800-344-4077


Phone / Cable / Internet

AT&T:                                                        800-660-1000

Spectrum:                                                 855-707-7328

WOW:                                                       866-496-9669



Cleveland Water:                                    216-664-3060



Did you know?  Spray-painted utility markings are color coded:

Red:  Electric

Yellow:  Gas

Orange:  Communication

Blue:  Potable Water

Purple:  Non-potable Water

Green:  Sewers

Pink:  Survey Markings

White:  Proposed Excavation