Sidewalk Information

The City of Bay Village has operated a Sidewalk Correction Program since 1972.  The intention of the program is to inspect all public sidewalks throughout the community to insure that sidewalks are in repair and free from nuisance and obstruction.

The City has established certain criteria for requiring property owners, by notice, to improve and repair portions or all of the sidewalk in front, or to the side, of their properties

  1. Uneven by one inch (1") or more
  2. Pushed up due to tree roots one inch (1") or more
  3. Slumped due to settling one inch (1") or more
  4. Broken in five pieces or more, shattered, or severely spalled

Residents who intend to repair or hire their own contractor to make repairs must meet the following criteria:



  1. All replacement work shall conform to City standards under provisions of Chapter 903 and 1343 of the Codified Ordinance.
  2. Contractors must be registered and  licensed through the City's Building Department.
  3. A sidewalk building permit must be obtained.
  4. The City must inspect forms and sub-base prior to placing concrete, and then re-inspect all finished work.



  1. Sidewalk blocks may be leveled as long as they are in one whole piece.
  2. Blocks broken during leveling must be replaced.
  3. All leveling contractors must be registered and licensed through the City's Building Department.
  4. No building permit is required for leveling; however, all sidewalks leveled will be inspected by the City.



  1. Sidewalks may be ground utilizing a concrete grinder provided that no edges are beveled or ramped.  The contractor shall grind back a minimum of 18 inches (18") and a maximum necessary so that the transition from one block to the other is level and flat.
  2. No more than 2 inches (2") of concrete is to be ground off from any sidewalk.
  3. All sidewalks shall be ground smooth, no cutting or chipping permitted.
  4. No building permit is required for grinding; however, all sidewalks ground will be inspected by the City.


Replacement, leveling, and grinding, as described above, are the only acceptable methods of sidewalk repair.  Patching and ramping with any type of material is not acceptable.  Residents are encouraged to caulk and seal sidewalk joints for sidewalks that have been leveled, ground, or replaced.

For property owners who do not wish to complete the repairs themselves or with their own contractor, the City will perform the work.  The City will obtain a contractor through the bidding process to replace sidewalks and will invoice the property owner based on the contract cost per square foot.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Service Department at (440) 899-3419.