City-Owned Property

The City of Bay Village owns and maintains numerous public buildings, land, and vehicles.



The City owns and maintains more than a dozen buildings, including:

Bay Boat Club

Bay Lodge

Bradley Road Park Restroom Building

Cahoon Park Restroom and Concession Building

City Hall

Community House

Dwyer Memorial Senior Center

Family Aquatic Center

Fire Station


Police Station

Reese Park Restroom Building

Reuben Osborn House

Rose Hill Museum

Service Garage


More information on the City's historic buildings from the Bay Village Historical Society.



The City owns and maintains 120 acres of park land, and jointly owns and maintains 60-acre Walker Road Park in Avon Lake.  The Service Department staff performs all routine maintenance on park landscaping and facilities.



The City owns and maintains a fleet of 167 vehicles, including Police, Fire, Building, Community Services, and Service Department vehicles.  Service Department vehicles are used for leaf collection, snow removal, and property maintenance.


Did you know?  The same trucks are used for both leaf collection and snow removal.  This can cause delays in the late fall and early winter while the trucks are converted from one function to the other.