Municipal Income Tax

The City of Bay Village levies a local income tax of 1.5% on all earned income of its residents and those working within the City limits.  The City provides a credit of up to  1% for residents who work in another city.  For further information contact: Regional Income Tax (RITA) (440)526-0900. 

Individual taxpayer and Business forms, including an auto-calc form 37 for Individual income tax returns, are available on RITA's website.  Electronic filing (e-file) is also available from RITA's web site.  This form is also self-calculating.  New Residents and New Businesses also need to register on-line.  On RITA's home page, select RITA e-Services then select Register on-line.

Contact Bay Village Municipal Income Tax Department

If you have more questions, or need more information don't hesitate to call us.  Please call the Regional Income Tax (RITA) department at (440)526-0900 or contact the Deputy Tax Administrator at City Hall 440.899.3429. 


Posted 12/8/15 - New Municipal Income Tax ordinance