Municipal Income Tax

The City of Bay Village levies a local income tax of 1.5% on all earned income of its residents and those working within the City limits.  The City provides a credit of up to  1% for residents who work in another city.  For further information contact: Regional Income Tax (RITA) (440)526-0900. 

Individual taxpayer and Business forms, including an auto-calc form 37 for Individual income tax returns, are available on RITA's website.  Electronic filing (e-file) is also available from RITA's web site.  This form is also self-calculating.  New Residents and New Businesses also need to register on-line.  On RITA's home page, select RITA e-Services then select Register on-line. Click here for a link to the forms

Contact Bay Village Municipal Income Tax Department

If you have more questions, please call the Regional Income Tax (RITA) department at (440)526-0900. 


Municipal Income Tax ordinance