Meals on Wheels

This program is intended to provide temporary assistance to persons recently discharged from the hospital or nursing home, rehab center or recovering from an illness.  Meals will be provided for an indefinite period of time to individuals who are debilitated by serious illness or condition.

 Click here for a Meals on Wheels Application



  • ·  Must be a Bay resident
  • ·  Adult living alone or is ill or recently discharged from the hospital or rehab.
  • ·  Elderly person not capable of caring for an ill spouse.
    • Persons who are not mentally competent to use a stove.
  • ·  Home delivered meals for residents unable to prepare their own meals.
  • ·  899-3442 to register
  • Program
  • ·  Two meals a day will be delivered.
  • ·  Meals will be delivered weekdays between 11:30 and 12:45.
  • ·  Meals will not be delivered on weekends or government holidays.
  • ·  The meals are delivered by volunteer drivers.
  • ·  The cost of the meals is $6 per person per day.  You will be billed monthly.
  • ·  24-Hour notice is needed to for start up and cancelation.

  Volunteers are needed to:

  • ·  Work at Bradley Bay Healthcare Facility on Bradley Road to package meals. (cooking is NOT required)
  • ·  Coordinate route distribution at the Dwyer Center kitchen.
  • ·  Deliver meals.

Volunteer application. Or please contact Meals on Wheels Coordinator at  899-3442