Leaf Rake Out

Leaf Rake Out

Leaf Rake out

Each fall the Middle School students, along with teachers and parents,  dedicate one Friday afternoon to raking the leaves of older adults who reside in Bay Village.  To have your name and address put on this list, please contact 899-3442. 

We will contact you and let you know which day they will come out to rake.

Additional Leaf Raking Services

Many groups in Bay Village are available to assist you with your leaves this fall including the Boy Scouts and Bay Men's Club.  If you have extenuating circumstances that make it necessary for you to require assistance with your leaves, we can find someone to help you.  Please contact the Community Services Office at 899-3442.

Rent A Teen

Bay Village also has teens who are willing to assist you with any yard work that you may have.  You can contact the Community Services Office to request a list of teens that you can hire to do yard work anytime.