Community Care Monitor and Lock Box

Community Care Monitor & Lock Box

"I've fallen, and I can't get up!"

The Community Care Monitor and Lock Box Program reassures Bay residents and their family members that the City is concerned for their welfare.  It gives peace of mind should they become ill, someone will be aware of their inability to get to a phone for help.

Community Care Monitor

The Community Care Monitor is a safety check program.  It is a free service available to Bay Village older adults upon request.

Each day, beginning at 8:30 am, the person will be called automatically by telephone with a recorded message "ARE YOU OK?" Should the person fail to answer the phone, the computer will make two additional calls at five minute intervals.  After the third attempt, the name and telephone number is automatically given to the officer on duty.  The Community Care Monitor application is then consulted and the person listed as the "emergency contact" will be contacted and asked if there is any reason the person would not be answering the phone.

After all avenues have been exhausted, a police officer will then go to the home to investigate and carry out all necessary functions for the safety and well being of the person.

If the subscriber plans to be away from home, we request they call in advance.

Lock Box

The City of Bay Village offers residents who subscribe to the Community Care Monitor or a Lifeline program a FREE lock box, which allows City emergency personnel quicker access to the home.  Emergency personnel will not have to break down doors or windows to gain access to the home.

For residents who are NOT on the Community Care monitor or a Lifeline program but who have a medical condition which may require immediate medical assistance, lock boxes may be obtained for a $25 installation fee.

The lock box is placed in an inconspicuous location by the front door and is installed by the Fire Department.  Only police and fire department officers have access to the lock box.  It is used only during an emergency call to the home when no one is able to answer the door.  The lock box is tamper resistant.

Lock boxes are for emergency use only.