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Book Discussion & Lending Library

About Book Discussion

This group is for anyone who enjoys reading and would like to extend their reading by trying different types of books that you might not have chosen for yourself.

Many people can become accustomed to the comfort of reading their favorite genre and may not realize how much they might actually enjoy an altogether different type of book, until they are persuaded by others members of the reading group.

3rd Wednesday 10:00 am  At the Dwyer Center

  Benefits of  Reading Groups

·  Reading groups are a fantastic place to promote learning.  

·  Discussing books helps to reinforce things in your mind and enable you to retain information. 

·  Each book is a new adventure. 

·  Book discussions enable you to appreciate otherwise "dry" topics within the context of an involving story.

·  Participating in reading group discussions increases your communication skills, teaching you to appreciate different points of view and different ways of expression as well as "discuss and disagree." 

·  It teaches you to be honest yet tactful. 

·  For those shy of public speaking, book discussions are a great way to express your opinions to an audience or summarize information and present it in a coherent and engaging way. 

·  For the would be writer, book groups can be a wonderful breeding ground for ideas and motivation.  Listening to other people's assessment of a book and discussion of plot, character and style can help you become a better, more successful writer.

About Our Center Library

The Bay Village Library stocks our Senior Center shelves with a wonderful selection of books for you to read.

The stock is rotated periodically. Books may be borrowed for as long as it takes to read them.

Please sign them out in the notebook located on the library shelf and just indicate on the sign in sheet when you have returned it.

Puzzles and videos are also available in the library for borrowing. Magazines are available to read at the Center.

The library is open when the Center is open.

Monday- Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm Lending Library


Computer Tutoring and Lab

About Computers

Learning to use just the absolute basics of computing enables older adults to feel that they have some idea of what everyone else is talking about. 

Once they begin to use a computer, suddenly all the computer jargon that their grandchildren use starts to make sense.  And they begin to feel in touch with the modern world.

If you would like to learn how to use a computer, or increase the skills that you have without classmates with different interests and skills, schedule one-on-one sessions with our tutor.

 Benefits of  Using a Computer

The computer has huge benefits for older people who can master it's use:

  ·  Online shopping- purchase gifts for family and friends. You don't have to leave the house, wrap or mail them.

·  Keeping in touch with friends and family who are out of town, state, or the country.

·  Keeping in touch with the younger members of your family, even if they live in the next town!

·  Pay bills on line - no more stamps, check writing and trips to the post office.

·  The word processor on the computer is much easier to use than writing things out by hand, especially if your fingers are stiff or handwriting shaky.

·  A great source of entertainment- playing chess or bridge against the computer when no partners are available.

·  Chat rooms can put you back in touch with the world, especially if you are housebound.  There are many internet sites and chat rooms dedicated to older adults.

·  Online dating - sites cater to older adults meeting peers.

  Use Our Computers

The Dwyer Center has two computers available for residents.  They are located in the front room of the Center near the door to the Community Services Office.  The computers are generally available 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday unless a tutoring session is scheduled.

Feel free to stop by and use our computers to send out emails, research your family tree, or even apply for jobs on line. 

Tutoring sessions are available by appointment typically on Wednesday mornings and occasionally Thursdays.

Call 835-6565 to make your appointment.  Cost:  $2.00 an hour.

Donations for computer time are appreciated