Referral Lists

The Community Services Department is pleased to provide these lists as part of our SMILE Program,






We recognize that many Bay residents wish to remain in their homes as long as they possibly can.  Our Goal is to provide programs and services to help make this possible, and to assist all residents in any way that we can.

Here are the Referral Lists we offer:

Eldercare "Caregiver"                   Application              List

Snow Removal/Tree Removal     Application              List                                       & Landscapers

General Referral                                                          List

Rent A Teen                                     Application            

Please contact the Community Services Office at clupica@cityofbayvillage.com for a list of teens available to work in our community.

Bay Village Teens are willing to assist you in many ways.  If you have a job that is too big for you, hiring an energetic teen may be just the thing you need!

 What types of jobs can you hire a teen to do?

Our teens are willing to help you out in many ways:

·  Lawn mowing

·  Leaf Raking

·  Gardening, Weeding

·  Snow Removal

·  Cleaning garages, attics, basements

·  Moving, painting, minor carpentry

·  Babysitting

·  Pet sitting

·  Sitting with the elderly

·  Housecleaning

·  Running errands

Many teens obtain regular clients that they provide services to up until they leave for college and often come back and work on breaks!  If you are conscientious and a hard worker, we would love to have you on our Teen Team.