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Child Abuse

Call 216-696-KIDS (5437) to report suspected child abuse or neglect- 24 hour Hotline 

Elder Abuse

Call 216-420-6700 to report suspected elder abuse or neglect- 24 hour Hotline

Click here to link with Cuyahoga County Department of Senior and Adult Services



Emergency Assistance

The Dwyer Emergency Fund provides limited assistance for Bay Village residents who are experiencing an "emergency" defined as a critical need for medical care, food, shelter, protection, special counseling, and under some circumstances- assistance with utilities.

Emergency funds will be awarded on the basis of financial need and circumstances. 

Applicant's income must be at or fall below the current Poverty Guidelines or show evidence of other hardship. 

Residents must provide adequate documentation verifying need and circumstances.  A maximum assistance of $250 per household may be awarded. 

The Department of Community Services reserves the right to refuse assistance to any applicant. 

All records will be kept confidential. 

You will be notified within one business day if your application has been approved.


Applicants must reside in Bay Village. 

 Temporarily out of work

 Divorced and experiencing financial hardships

 Referred by Bay Family Services or local churches

 Overwhelmed by medical bills

 Experiencing other financial hardships

You Will Need

To process your application, please provide the following documentation:

 A copy of last year's tax return

 Copies of last two pay stubs

(Or) copy of SSDI- checks or bank statement showing amount of automatic monthly deposit



Financial Assisitance

Administrator:  Rise Above It- confidential address-

Bay Village 440-476-1088          www.raibenefit.org

Eligibility Requirements: 15-39years old at time of diagnosis and undergoing or actively pursuing phase I, II, or III clinical treatment options.

Program Benefits:  Provides financial assistance to cancer patients actively pursuing clinical trial treatment options.  Will assist with hospital expenses, medications, and medical equipment/supplies that are not covered by insurance.  Also assists with required travel, food, clothing, or other survival needs (such as utilities or rent).

Application:  Verification of diagnosis and treatment dates required, download application from website or email to request an application.  Return completed application by mail. May phone for information.                      



Ohio Direction Card    (Formerly Food Stamps)

Administrator: Cuyahoga County Job and Family Services.

Eligibility Requirements:  Income eligibility depends upon household size. Household resources must not exceed $2,000 month, $3,000 if a member of the family is 60 years of age or older or disabled.

Program Benefits:  Magnetic swipe debit card provides funds to purchase food.

Application:  Cuyahoga County Employment and Family Services Westshore Neighborhood Family Service Center, 9830 Lorain Ave,(216) 987-7000, 24 hour (866) 386-3071 Customer Service.

Bay Food Ministry

Administrator:  Bay Presbyterian Church, 25415 Lake Rd., Bay Village
(440) 871-1503   Ext.154, Mary Hildebrandt.

Eligibility Requirements:  Be in need of food due to unemployment, underemployment, inadequate public assistance, reduction or loss of food stamps, inadequate Social Security benefits, or other financial difficulties. Bay Village resident or member of Bay Presbyterian Church community.

Program Benefits:  Three or four day supply of food once a month as needed. Distribution on last Friday of the month between 10:00 am and 12:00 p.m.

Application: Call Church 871-3822, Ext. 126 (answering machine) one week before distribution date. Leave name and phone number and Food Ministry staff will contact you. Bring proof of residency.

School Lunch Program

Administrator:  Child Nutrition Services, Bay VillageSchools

Eligibility Requirements:If family receives food stamps or OWF for child or if meet income guidelines.    

                                              2 person household - $28,694
                                              3 person household - $36,131
                                              4 person household - $43,568
                                              5 person household - $51,005
                                              6 person household - $58.442
                                              7 person household - $65,879
                                              8 person household - $73,316

Program Benefits: Free or reduced cost meals depending on income.

Application: Applications available through schools. Call Child's School or Child Nutrition Services (440) 617-7472, Jodi Higgins

Summer Lunch Program

The U.S.D.A. has offered a community grant to provide meals to children at no charge this summer.  The meal program begins June 13, 2011 and runs through August 19, 2011. Anychild is eligible to receive meals at no cost.

Contact Jack Shannon or Cheryl Madison  at 440-779-3539 or email jack.shannon@nocseagles.org.

Program Benefits:  Free or reduced cost meals depending upon income.

Application:  Applications available through schools.  Call child's school or Child Nutrition Services (440) 617-7492


Village Project 

Administrator:  Barb Harrell, bharrell@ourvillageproject.com

Eligibility Requirements:  Bay Village residents undergoing treatment for cancer.

Program Benefits:  The Village Project provides home cooked meals to residents and families who are experiencing a cancer crisis.

It is a multi-generational project where adults mentor teens from the community training them in the community to become chefs. The teens are responsible for meal preparation and packaging of meals for the clients. 

Village Food Project meals are highly nutritious meals designed to provide maximum nutrition to clients and their families. 


Please contact Barb Harrell, bharrell@ourvillageproject.com


Salvation Army- Food Pantry

Administrator:  The West Park Corps Community Center, 12645 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, 44111, (216) 252-3593  x 16

Eligibility Requirements:  Be in need of food due to unemployment, underemployment, inadequate public assistance, reduction or loss of food stamps, inadequate Social Security benefits, or other financial difficulties.

Program Benefits:  Provides a 3 day supply of non-perishable food, bread, meats and fresh produce when available.

Application:  Food given on a first-come, first served basis.  Walk-in M-Th:9:00 am-11:30 am.  Must provide photo ID, Social Security Cards, Medical Card or Birth Certificates for Children, proof of residency, proof of income.


Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland

Administrator:  West Park Christian Reformed Church 15135 Triskett Rd, Cleveland  44111
(216) 251-0782              

Eligibility Requirements:  Be in need of food due to unemployment, underemployment, inadequate public assistance, reduction or loss of food stamps, inadequate Social Security benefits, or other financial difficulties.

Program Benefits:  Provides 3-5 day supply of food. Tu: 5:30-7:30 pm, Th:1:30-3:30 pm. Walk-Ins welcome.

Application: Call Church(216) 251-0782 (answering machine) Leave name and phone number and Food Ministry staff will contact you. Bring proof of residency, photo ID, Social Security Card, proof of income.



Foreclosure/ Mortgage/ Home Buyer Assistance

Administrator: Consumer Protection Association     3030 Euclid Ave. Ste 105, Cleveland, 44115

(216) 881-3434                       cpa3030.org

Eligibility Requirements: Must be more than one month behind in payments and have income that is sufficient to meet upcoming payments after the current problem is resolved. 

Program Benefits: Offers counseling for foreclosure and mortgage issues and may provide a one-time financial aid to those individuals who are more than one month behind in their mortgage payments.

Application: Phone agency for specific documentation required. Phone or walk-in service M-Th: 9 am-4 pm. F:10 am-4 pm.

 Foreclosure/ Mortgage/ Home Buyer Assistance

Administrator: Cleveland Housing Network, 2999 Payne Ave. Ste 134, Asia Plaza Bldg., Cleveland, 44114 (216) 574-7100

(216) 325-1150 Kate Carden              www.chnnet.com  networkn@chnnnet.com

Eligibility Requirements: 18 and older, own and occupy the home, resident of Ohio and demonstrate ability to meet upcoming payments after the current problem is resolved. 

Program Benefits: Provides individualized counseling for people who are delinquent or who fear becoming delinquent on their mortgage payments.  Agency will work with lenders to negotiate payment arrangements.  Grant funds may be available for assistance up to $3,000 or 3 months.

Application: Must provide proof of income, loan documentation and proof of insurance.  Register for and Intake session by calling M-F: 9 am-5 pm. Or register online.

Foreclosure/ Mortgage/ Home Buyer Assistance-Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland

Administrator: Ohio Home Rescue Fund II, 5700 Broadway Ave, Cleveland, 44127

(216) 458-4663 ext. 317 www.nhscleveland.org   info@nhscleveland.org

Eligibility Requirements: Homeowners whose incomes are between 66% and 115% of Area Median Income.

Program Benefits: Provides funds to help with paying a delinquent mortgage in the case of sudden, unexpected, one-time events. 4 months-$5,000 assistance to be repaid upon the sale of the home.

Application: Must provide proof of income, proof of triggering event, proof of mortgage.  Call M-F:  8:30 am-5 pm or leave a message that will be returned.



Christmas '08 collage

Holiday Caring & Sharing/ Adopt-A-Family/ Feed-A-Family

Administrator:  Department of Community Services

Eligibility Requirements:  City of Bay Village resident- verifiable low income/special needs.

Program Benefits:  Program provides food and gift certificates for holidays.

Application:  Call Department of Community Services 899-3409 or stop by office for an application. Assistance is dependent on community donations.  No city funds.



Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program

Administrator:  Housing Division, Cuyahoga County Department of Development.

Eligibility Requirement:  Fill out application and own your own home.       

Program Benefits:  Eligible low and moderate income homeowners are able to make basic home improvements using money loaned at below market interest rates. Depending on income, some homeowners will be eligible for deferred payment loans.
Brochure available with eligible projects and procedures.

Application:  Cuyahoga County Department of Development, 1701 East 12th  St., 1st Floor, 4th Floor, Cleveland, Ohio  44114   

(216) 664-4218,  Ohio Relay Service (TTD) 711

Application available online but must be mailed in.



Public Benefits Legal Assistance

Administrator:  Legal Aid Society of Cleveland   1223 W. 6th St, Cleveland, 44113

(216) 687-1900                          info@lasclev.org     

 Eligibility Requirement:Gross household income of 125% of poverty level.

Program Benefits:  Provides civil legal services to those with low or no income who cannot afford to hire a private attorney.  Provides assistance to low-income persons seeking to obtain or maintain public assistance, in appeals of denials; reduction, termination, and overpayment of benefits; Disability Medical Assistance; Medicaid; Prevention, Retention, and Contingency; Healthy Start; Food Stamps; Social Security; Medicare; Supplemental Social Security; and other public benefits programs. 

Application:  Phone intake to determine eligibility or walk-in M,W,F: 9 am-4 pm, Tu, Th: 9 am-2 pm



North Coast Health Ministry

Administrator: 16110 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio. 44107    


Non-profit Corporation of volunteers from area churches, a faith based Free Clinic provided for West Cuyahoga and Northeastern Lorain low income and uninsured.

Eligibility Requirements:  Gross income of 250% of poverty level (Same as for H.E.A.P.) No medical insurance coverage and no government medical assistance. Newborn-65 years of age.

Appointments are necessary M,Tu, Th, F: 8:30am-4pm, W: 8:30-noon

Program Benefits:  Free medical care. Specialty care is provided as ordered by Clinic Physicians. No syringes or narcotics are stored on the premises.

Application:  Phone for eligibility, screening first and then once registered for an appointment, call the Health Ministry 216-228-7878. Proof of income and residency required.


Administrator: Ohio Dental Association  Cuyahoga County District Board of Health 5550 Venture Dr., Parma 44130  (216) 201-2063                        ccbh@ccbh.net

Eligibility Requirements:  Low income up to 200% of the poverty level, must have some income, no dental insurance or Medicaid coverage.

Program Benefits:Dental OPTIONS is a program that links people in need with dentists who have agreed to treat approved patients for reduced fees. The dentist you see will decide what treatment you will need.  Services may include: an exam, x-rays, cleaning, fluoride treatment, sealants, fillings, extractions, dentures or partials.

Application: Proof of income required.  Call intake line anytime, staff will call back as soon as possible and mail or fax an application.


Administrator: Eye Care America

Program Benefits: Eye Care America helps older adults preserve their sight by providing comprehensive, dilated, medical examination and care for any disease diagnosed for up to one year at no out-of-pocket cost.

Application:  M-F 11 am-3 pm call toll free 1-877-887-6327 or visit   pubserv@aao.org




Medicare.gov provides information about the parts of Medicare, what's new, and how to find Medicare plans, facilities, or providers.

Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program

OSHIIP (Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program) is a program that exists specifically for Medicare recipients in Ohio.  They will answer your questions about any of the matters listed below.

Medicare health coverage for seniors and for people under age 65 with disabilities

    Medicare supplemental insurance

    Medicare Advantage plans (formerly called Medicare+Choice plans)


    Long-term care insurance

    Home health care coverage

    Retiree health plan coverage

 Call 800-686-1578.

Medicaid- Healthy Start

Provides health insurance through a managed care plan for children and pregnant women in low-income families.  Call for an application, once the application is approved, clients are assigned a worker for assistance.

Contact: 216-987-7346 to request an application

             216-592-4870 to check on application status

             800-324-8680 for information and complaints

General Medicaid 216-987-7076 Nursing Home

 Social Security, SSI

Blind, disabled and/or elderly persons who have limited resources and have low income may be eligible for social security income in addition to regular social security payments. 

Apply in person 9 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday at the Social Security Office on 17513 Detroit Road, Lakewood, OH  44107 OR apply online. 

1-800-722-1213, call 7 am - 7 pm



Homestead Exemption

Administrator: County Auditor, 1219 Ontario St. Room 110A, Cleveland, 44113 


Eligibility Requirements:  65 years of age during filing year, own the home and live in it, regardless of income, or 100% disabled - certified by physician or Eligibility Letter

Program Benefits:  A real property tax reduction up to $25,000.

Application: Applications available, Dept. of Community Services, City Hall literature rack January through June or call CountyAuditor, 216-443-7050. Application form available online.




Unemployment Assistance

Administrator: Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services- Office of Unemployment Compensation

30 E Broad St., 32nd Floor, Columbus  43215

(614) 466-2100                  New Claims (877) 644-6562     Info (877) 852-2100

Program Benefits:  Unemployment assistance            

Application:  Claims can be filed using the toll free number M-F 7 am - 6pm, or through the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week



AARP Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

Administrator:  AARP, 4614 Propect Ave. Ste. 211, Cleveland 44103

(216) 881-1155                       

 Eligibility Requirement: Adults age 50+ who have basic computer skills.      

Program Benefits:  Helps older adults assess their interests and skills to identify possible positions for employment.  Clients use the computer to take a series of assessments/inventories to help them identify their skills and interests and then look for possible job opportunities.  Help and guidance is given by and instructor.            

Application:  By appointment M-F: 8:30 am-4:30 pm. Must show proof of age and residency.



Home Weatherization Program

Administrator: Cuyahoga County Division of Community Development for the Ohio Department of Development     800-282-0880

With one application, you may apply for federal and state-funded energy assistance for the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), E-Heap Winter Crisis Program (WCP), Summer Crisis Program (SCP), and the Percent of Income Payment Plan (PIPP).

                                        2011-2012 INCOME GUIDELINES


                          Size of Household                           Total Household Income

                                                                                               (12 Months)

                                              1                                                up to $21,780

                                              2                                                up to   29,420

                                              3                                                up to   37,060

                                              4                                                up to   44,700

                                              5                                                up to   52,340

                                              6                                                up to   59,980

                                              7                                                up to   67,620

                                              8                                                up to   75,260


These guidelines change periodically, please call toll-free number 1-800-282-0880 for exact income requirements.

Eligibility Requirements: A household applying for energy assistance must report total household income for the past 12 months for all persons 18 years of age and older. Both homeowners and renters who pay their utility bills are eligible for assistance for HEAP.

If you are eligible for weatherization services, your application will be referred to the agency providing services in your area. The types of assistance you receive will be based on your home's energy efficiency. 

Home Energy Assistance Program (H.E.A.P.)

Administrator:  State Department of Development , Office of Community Services

Eligibility Requirements:The total household income of an applicant must be at or below 150 percent of the 2010-2011 federal poverty guidelines listed below:                           

Size of household                  Total Household Income:

                                                                    Twelve Months

                              1 person                         up to   $ 21,780

                              2 persons                                     29,420

                              3 persons                                     37,060

                              4 persons                                     44,700                     

                              5 persons                                     52,340

                              6 persons                                     59,980

                              7 persons                                     67,620

                              8 persons                                     75,260

These guidelines change periodically, please call toll-free number 1-800-282-0880 for exact income requirements.

Program Benefits: The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a federally funded program administered by the Ohio Department of Development, Office ofCommunity Services (OCS). It is designed to help eligible low-income Ohioans meet the high costs of home heating.

Application: Anyone who received assistance from either the Regular or EHEAP Winter Crisis Program last year is sent a current application in the early fall. Otherwise, applications may be picked up at Community Action Agencies,

County Department of Job and Family Services, Area Agencies on Aging and some local utility offices.

                   Telephone number for HEAP application (216)348-4066

Toll-free number 1-800-282-0880

Hearing impaired with TDD 1-800-686-1557

You can also logon to www.odod.state.oh.us/cdd/ocs/heap

Emergency H.E.A.P

Administrator:  Council for Economic Opportunities (CEO)

Eligibility Requirements:  Must have received shut off notice or need furnace repairs. Proof of income for 3-12 month period required.

Call HEAP's toll-free number at 1-800-282-0880 during regular business house Monday through Friday, HEAP's FAX number is (614) 728-6832 and the Administrative Office is (614) 466-6207, Nick Sunday, Chief. For the hearing impaired (TTD), call the toll free number, 1-800-686-1557. You can also log on to http://www.odod.state.oh.us/cdd/ocs/heap 

Program Benefits: Households whose main heating source and/or necessary secondary heating source (electricity) has been disconnected, or threatened with disconnection, are eligible to receive EHEAP funds up to $175.  The EHEAP Winter Crisis Program can also help pay for heating system repairs in certain cases. A household can receive this assistance once per winter season.

Application:Applications for the EHEAP will be accepted through May 31, 2015. 

Call Warm line (216) 518-4014 or Call (216) 263-6269

HEAP operators can also refer Ohioans to other assistance programs for which they may be eligible.


Percentage of Income Payment Plan (P.I.P.P)

Administrator:  Columbia Gas Co., East Ohio Gas Co., C.E.I.

Eligibility Requirements: Those households serviced by PUCO-regulated utility must sign up for the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) in order to receive energy assistance. 

Total household income at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level.

This plan allows customers to pay 10% of their gross monthly income for their main utility service and 3 or 5% during winter months too secondary heating source.

Application:  1-800-282-0880 Regular Heat credit and Emergency Heat. Call from 7 am - 5 pm, M-F.

For additional information from the Office of the Ohio's Consumers Council call:


 Telephone Assistance Plan- The Life Line Program

 Administrator:  AT&T  45 Erieview Plz. 16th floor, Cleveland  44114 

(800) 335-8721

(216) 822-4445 to request bulk applications

Eligibility Requirements:Live in the AT&T service area and be receiving aid from one of the following programs: (H.E.A.P.) Home Energy Assistance, Ohio Energy Credits, Medicaid, SSI, Section 8 Federal Public Housing, Food Stamps, Ohio Works First, and Disability Assistance, National School Lunch Program and income.

Program Benefits:  Monthly discount  ($12.00) on phone bill.
Free installation, free touch-tone, free call-blocking, payment arrangements on outstanding bills.

Application: Apply M-F 6 am-6 pm, Sat 8-5. Call 1-800-335-8721 or 1-800-686-7826 (PUCO).

Water Rate Discount

Administrator:  Cleveland Water Department

1201 Lakeside Ave,Cleveland 44114

(216) 664-3130 Customer Service

(216) 774-2396 Voice applications                      

Eligibility Requirements:  65 or older or totally disabled. 

Must have income at or below 175% of federal poverty guidelines. Water bill must be in applicant or spouse's name.

Program Benefits:  40% discount off quarterly water bills for eligible homeowners.

Application:  Call M-F:8 am-5 pm, applications must be returned by mail. Application available online.



Veteran Assistance

Administrator:  United States Department of Veteran Affairs

12490 E 9th St.  A.J. Celebrezze Federal Bldg. Cleveland  44199

216 522-3530                         

Eligibility Requirement: Veteran 

Program Benefits: Variety of assistance available for veterans.

Application:  M-F:  8:30 am- 4:30 pm