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Contractor Registration Application

Residential Permit Application

Commercial Permit Application

Contractor Test Certificate - Plumbing

Energy Compliance Document

Fuel Line Inspection Release

Fence Application and Codes

Shed Application and Codes

Application for Commercial Certificate of Occupancy (for new commercial buildings or change of tenant and/or use)

Irrigation System Waiver

Housing License Application for rental properties

Board of Zoning Appeals - Schedule of meetings 

Board of Zoning Appeals -  Application

Architectural Board of Review - Schedule of meetings

Architectural Board of Review - Application (Non-residential properties only)

Planning Commission - Schedule 

Planning Commission - Application



Registered Contractors as of 9-19-18. Contractors are listed alphabetically by trade. This list will be updated periodically. Please call the Building Dept. at (440) 899-3400, to confirm your contractor is registered prior to obtaining permits.

*Disclaimer: The City of Bay Village does not recommend one contractor over another. Contractors on this list have met the registration requirements per Chapter 1310 of the Codified Ordinances of the City Bay Village.

Permit Fees

Registration and Licensing of Contractors

Requirements for New Home Topo Plan Submittal

Single-Family Residential Building Permit Checklist

Requirements for Commercial Plan Submission

Building Permit Requirements - General Information

Minimum Yard Requirements (for information on requirements for building line setback, side yards and year yards)

Home Additions Guide

Decks Guide

Re-roofing Guide

Basement Finish Guide

Accessory Structure Guide

Rental Dwelling Housing License Ordinance