Frequently asked questions:

  •  Who should get the building permit - my contractor or me?

Permits are issued to the person, owner or contractor who shall physically perform the work for which the permit was sought. Contractors shall have a valid and current registration, or license, before applying for a permit.

  •  What is a plot plan and what is a topography?

A plot plan is a birds-eye view of your property.  It will show you property lines, house and any other structure placement on your lot.  If you are looking for a plot plan you may have one attached to the Title Insurance you received when you purchased your house, or we may have one in your address file.  Feel free to call us and, if available, we can provide you with a copy.

  •  Do Contractors have to be registered with the City? 

For your own protection, City Ordinance 1310, requires all  contractors and subcontractors doing work in Bay Village must be registered. Lists of registered contractors are available at City Hall. If you wish to use a contractor not on our list they need to register with the Building Department prior to working in the City.

  •  What does an "Intent to Build" placard mean?

If you see a light blue colored placard posted at a property this serves as public notice that plans are on file with the Building Department for proposed construction. It could be for a fence, shed, pool, garage, new home, an addition, or other exterior home project. The plans will be available at the Building Department for inspection. Unless a complaint in writing is filed within 10 days with the Building Director, alleging that the work proposed is so located or of such character that it will substantially injure the existing use or value of the neighboring property, a permit will be issued, provided the plans comply with zoning and building codes. Not all projects require the 10-day intent to build posting.

  • Does Bay Village have a Point of Sale inspection?

No. The City of Bay Village does not require this type of inspection. Typically, a new homebuyer requests a private home inspection as part of the purchase agreement.

  •  What is the number to call before digging to avoid hitting underground utility lines?

Call O.U.P.S. at (800) 362-2764, 48 hrs. prior to digging. 

  • I want to rent my house out. What do I need to do?

All rental properties must be registered with the Building Department.  There is an annual Housing License fee of $100.00, which is valid from April 1 through March 31st. Fees are not prorated. Rental properties are inspected annually. The owner will be notified of any violations and shall correct the violations within a period of time as prescribed by the inspector. All violations will be re-inspected prior to issuing the Housing License.

  • What are the hours for construction and lawn mowing?

Demolition, excavation, exterior construction, alteration or repair of any building or structure, and lawn mowing may be done between the hours of 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily.

Snow blowers and other snow removal equipment are specifically excluded during periods of snowfall.