Tree Commission


The Tree Commission is established by Codified Ordinance Chapter 146 and consists of five members, all residents of the City, two of which have experience and/or extensive knowledge of shade trees, appointed by the Mayor with confirmation by a majority of the members of Council provided for in the Charter, a member of Council appointed by Council, and the Director of Public Service and Properties or his designee.


The Bay Village Tree Commission is back in action with a new board of volunteers appointed by Mayor Paul Koomar.  They meet monthly with City Arborist, Mike Polinski and Secretary Jackie Moore. This group of volunteers all live in Bay Village, and they're brimming with new enthusiasm for our urban forest!
They have a new mission and vision statement and have created a colorful new logo.

Mission: To work as a team with Bay Village city officials preserving, fortifying and improving our urban forest.

Vision: To increase public awareness about how caring for and planting new trees today benefits all who call Bay Village their home.

Mike Polinski, City Arborist, and the service department tree crew completed installing thirty-six new trees along Bay Village streets last fall 2014. They've replaced Ash trees that were removed due to Emerald Ash borer disease. The Tree Commission chose two sturdy varieties. The Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii) has distinctive saw-toothed deep green leaves that turn bronze in fall. It's a slow growing disease resistant Oak that grows up to 50 feet tall. The Kentucky Coffee tree (Gymnocladus dioicus) has a compound green feathery leaf structure and showy yellow fall foliage. This hardy specimen will also reach 50 feet tall. The new plantings can be seen along the tree lawns on Saddler and Edgewood Road in Bay Village.
Trees are more than just beautiful green giants. They help our neighborhoods by soaking up storm water, lessening air pollution, shading our homes which conserves energy, and providing a haven for birds and wildlife. Trees are what make Bay Village a great place to come home to!



The Tree Commission meets the second Tuesday of the month, and other times as needed, at Bay Village City Hall.   

Jackie Moore, Secretary, (440) 899-3419 email jmoore@cityofbayvillage.com



Dave Patzwahl

Larry Ludwig

Colby Sattler, Chairman

Leslie Brown

Patrick Graham

Nick Dios

Thomas J. Kelly





Arbor Day Foundation arborday.org