Bay Village City Council Members

Pursuant to Article II of the Charter of the City of Bay Village, Ohio, the City Council consists of seven (7) members, one of whom shall be elected by the people as the President of Council.  The Council serves as the legislative body of the city, and strives to serve the people of the City of Bay Village to the best of their ability.  Council meets in regular session on the first and third Monday of the month at 8:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 350 Dover Center Road.  The Council meets in Committee Session on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at the Bay Village City Hall at 7:30 p.m.  Meetings may be adjourned during the months of July and August. The Council welcomes and encourages input from the residents.  The Council office is located to the rear of the Council Chambers on the second floor of city hall, and can be reached by calling 440-899-3406.

Bay Village City Council Members


571 Marygate

Dwight Clark

Phone Number: (440) 835-2504

Email: dclark@cityofbayvillage.com

Education: Miami University, B.S. Finance

Cleveland State University, M.B.A.

Occupation: Senior Vice President, The Huntington National Bank

Current Term of Office 1-1-2018 to 12-31-2019


City Council At-Large - Marty Mace 

474 Elmwood

Phone Number (440) 835-1865

  Email: mmace@cityofbayvillage.com

Education: Cuyahoga Community College and Cleveland State University Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic, City of Bay Village (retired)

                   Home Depot

Current Term of Office 1-1-2016 to 12-31-2019



City Council At-Large - Nancy W. Stainbrook

624 Millard Nancy W. Stainbrook

Phone Number: 216.470.7751

Email: nstainbrook@cityofbayvillage.com

Education:  Ohio University

Occupation:  Human Resources Senior Consultant

 Current Term of Office 1-1-2018 to 12-31-2021



City Council Ward 1 - David L. TadychDavid L. Tadych

410 Oakmoor 

Phone Number: (440) 835-1815

 Email:        dtadych@cityofbayvillage.com

Education: John Carroll University

Occupation: Vice President of Information Systems Mr. Coffee, Inc. (retired); Dostal Funeral Services

Current Term of Office 1-1-2018 to 12-31-2019


City Council Ward 2 -  Lydia DeGeorge                Lydia DeGeorge        

27857 West Oakland Rd.                                                     

Phone Number: 440-227-3543

 Email: ldegeorge@cityofbayvillage.com

 Current Term of Office: 1-1-2018 to 12-31-2019



City Council Ward 3 - Sara Byrnes MaierSara Byrnes Maier

309 Ruth Street

Phone Number: (440) 665-4633

 Email: sbyrnesmaier@cityofbayvillage.com

Education: Master of Urban Planning, Design & Development

Maxine Goodman Levin Collage of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University

Bachelor of Arts, Communication, Minor in Architecture

Newcomb College, Tulane University

Occupation:  Senior Strategic Park Planner

Cleveland Metroparks

 Current Term of Office - 1-1-2018 to 12-31-2019


City Council Ward 4 - Peter J. WinzigPeter J. Winzig

31183 Roberta Drive                  

Phone Number: (216) 645-7908

 Email: pwinzig@cityofbayvillage.com

Occupation:  Ignition Idea Group


 Current Term of Office 1-1-2018 to 12-31-2019



Joan Kemper, Clerk of Council

Pbone Number: 440-899-3406

Email: Jkemper@cityofbayvillage.com

Member:  International Institute of Municipal Clerks, Executive Board, Ohio Municipal Clerks Association, Past President of Northeast Ohio Clerks Association, Lifetime Honorary Member and Past President, Cuyahoga County Mayors' Secretaries Association


2018 -2019 Council Committees 

Public Improvements Streets, Sewers and Drainage:

Nancy Stainbrook, Chair

Lydia DeGeorge

Sara Byrnes Maier

Recreation and Park Improvements:

Peter Winzig, Chair

Marty Mace

Nancy Stainbrook

Finance and Claims

David L. Tadych, Chair

Peter Winzig

Marty Mace

Dwight Clark

Services, Utilities and Equipment

Lydia DeGeorge, Chair

Sara Byrnes Maier

David L. Tadych

Planning, Zoning, Public Grounds and Buildings

Sara Byrnes Maier, Chair

Peter J. Winzig

Nancy Stainbrook

Environment, Safety and Community Services

Marty Mace, Chair

Lydia DeGeorge

David L. Tadych

Planning Commission Representative:

Sara Byrnes Maier

Architectural Board of Review Representative:

Lydia DeGeorge

Community Services Advisory Board Representative:

Nancy W. Stainbrook

Parks and Recreation Commission Representative:

Peter J. Winzig

Income Tax Board of Review Representative:

Tom Bechtel, James Strunk

Ad Hoc Committee for Walker Road Park:

Marty Mace

Peter Winzig

David L. Tadych

Bay Family Services Representative:

Dwight A. Clark