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Email: desk@cityofbayvillage.com

Please fill out the Bay Village Rental Form and return to City Hall to reserve your event.

The City of Bay Village offers its Residents  two facilities which are available for rent.  The City does not rent these buildings as a profitable business, but instead offers the facilities to residents as a service for a reasonable fee to cover operational and maintenance costs.  Rates are established by Council Ordinance. 

Refer to the Rental Agreement and the Rules and Regulations for specific details and additional renter responsibilities. The Renters Exit Checklist form must be completed, signed, and returned with the keys to the Police Department.  The Security Deposit refund is contingent upon receipt of this completed and signed checklist.   

The Gazebo


Cahoon Park

The Gazebo may be reserved by Bay Village residents for a four hour block of time, 8:00 am to noon, noon to 4:00 pm, and 4:00 to 8:00 pm for a $35.00 reservation fee, no security deposit.  No chairs, podiums, or other equipment shall be provided.  Residents need to be aware that Cahoon Park is a public park; therefore, other activities (organized or unorganized) may be held at the same time the Gazebo is reserved.  The City will do its best to inform the renter of any organized or special events that we are aware of. 

The Gazebo may be utilized for photo taking on a first come, first serve basis at no charge if no reservation has been made.


Bay Lodge

Bay Lodge collage

492 Bradley Road

(Handicap Accesible)

The Bay Lodge is located directly southwest of the Bradley and Wolf Road intersection in front of Bradley Road Park.  This facility has a capacity of 130 and there is an outdoor patio area.  There are approximately 136 chairs, 9 8'x30" tables (6 are lightweight), and 16 5' round tables.  The kitchen facility has a refrigerator, stove, and sink.  Bay Lodge is a Smoke-Free facility; alcohol may be served and if it is served after 8:00pm on a Friday or Saturday a security officer must be hired.  Details and contact numbers are included in the Rental Agreement form.  No lighted candles are permitted in this facility.    

Kitchen and Trash Removal:  There is a full kitchen at the Bay Lodge; renters may serve pre-prepared items but must provide their own utensils and appliances.  Stove top and oven warming  is permitted but open fat frying is strictly prohibited.   Trash and refrigerated items should be discarded using the trash dumpster located on the west side in the back of the building; no free-standing bags outside of the dumpster are permitted.  Spills should be cleaned and floors should be swept and mopped if necessary.

Furniture, Lights, Windows:  No furniture may be removed from the building for outside use.  All tables and chairs should be taken down and returned to the storage area.  Lights and ceiling fans should be turned off prior to locking up.  Windows and patio doors may be opened but should be closed and locked prior to locking the building.

Water and Heat and Air Conditioning:  All faucets should be turned off and the thermostat should be reset to 63 degrees in the winter and in the summer the air conditioning should be turned off when you leave the facility.


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