About Our City

Bay Village was settled by Joseph Cahoon in 1810 as part of the original Dover Township.  The Cahoon family barn built in 1882 was converted to a community center and is still in use today as our Community House.  In 1917, the last Cahoon descendant died leaving the family home and 115 acres of land to the City.  The home is now the Rose Hill Museum and the land is now the Cahoon Memorial Park.  John Huntington, one of the original partners in the Standard Oil Company, donated his summer estate to the Cleveland Metroparks.  This park area in the center of town houses the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, the Huntington Playhouse, BAYarts Vento Tratoria and Huntington Beach.  The combination of these two park lands located in the center of town provide residents with an abundance of recreational opportunities year round and give Bay Village a truly unique quality of life.

Bay Township split from Dover Township in 1901, becoming the Hamlet of Bay.  In 1903, the Village of Bay was incorporated and the first Mayor and Council were elected.   The original City Hall was built in 1914 and has since had two additions. Bay Village became a City on January 1, 1950 having reached a population of 6,917 residents.  The Mayor and Council now serve a population of over 15,000 residents. 

Our City campus is made up of City Hall, home to the offices of the Mayor, the Law, Finance, Building, Planning and Engineering Departments as well as the Clerk of Council.  Bayway Cabin is home to the Recreation Department.  The Dwyer Memorial Senior Center houses the Department of Community Services as well as all senior programs.  The City campus is rounded out with a state of the art playground, ball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts and an aquatic facility.  The Fire and Police Stations are located on Wolf Road just a few blocks from City Hall.  Our Service Department is housed at 31300 Naigle Road. 

Welcome to Bay collage

Check out our Around Town link to learn more about Bay Village!  Explore our Parks and Recreation link to find out about year round programs for children and adults. The Departments link will put you in touch with the services that we provide to our residents.

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