Current Projects

Posted April 25, 2018 - The City of Bay Village is planning to perform pavement maintenance on several streets on the west end of Bay Village this year. Chagrin Valley Paving was contracted by the City to mill and repave the asphalt on the streets listed below. Work is planned to begin the week of April 30, 2018 and be completed by June 30, 2018, weather permitting.
Plymouth Drive (Walker to Carlton)

Hurst Drive (Drake to Fairwin)

Bexley Drive (Plymouth to Bradley)                                                                     

Pellett Drive (Wolf to Clarewood)

Carlton Drive (Plymouth to Bradley)                                                                    

Powell Drive (Wolf to Clarewood)

Bates Drive (Drake to Fairwin)                                                                       

Clarewood Drive (Pellett to Powell)

Drake Drive (Bates to Walmar)                                                                                

Eagle Cliff Drive (Lake Road to cul-de-sac)

Fairwin Drive (Bates to Walmar)

Please do not leave a vehicle parked on these roads prior to or during the milling and paving process. Traffic will be maintained throughout the work and trash pickup will remain on schedule. Prepare for possible travel delays on days when existing pavement is being milled and when new asphalt material is being placed and rolled.
Please do not drive over or through freshly spread tar or asphalt that has not been rolled to avoid damage to your vehicle and tracking tar and asphalt into your driveway. The contractor will advise when pavement is ready for vehicles while maintaining traffic. It is typical that the newly laid asphalt can be driven over within a few minutes of being rolled and compacted.
Please note that the asphalt is placed at high temperatures. Please do not allow pets and children near the new asphalt until several hours after it has been rolled and open to traffic.
If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Curtis Krakowski, Infrastructure Manager, at 440-899-3422.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this work.


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